Advertising effectively through Display

Through the Google Display Network an advertiser can potentially reach 89% of the world’s population. Numerous studies confirmed the positive influence of display advertising on branding, sales and other marketing objectives. It’s for this reason that the possibilities regarding display advertising has grown significantly over the last few years. Examples of this growth are retargeting, audience targeting, Real Time Bidding and video advertising.

A large part of our banner campaigns consists of Real Time Bidding (RTB). We assure the banners of our customers have an extended reach, plus it makes us flexible when targeting websites and audiences. Consequently, because of our meticulous approach, it possible to keep the costs to a minimum.

Transparent & flexible

Every successful campaign starts with an online media plan. This includes target audience research and indicating the expected reach of the campaign. When the campaign starts, the optimization process begins. We continuously optimize your campaign based on its performance. Through our transparent approach the advertiser has a clear overview of the performance all throughout the campaign. Our flexibility allows us to spend your campaign budget in such a way that it achieves more than satisfactory results.


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  • Google AdWords Certified Partner
  • Campaign management by experienced marketers
  • Monthly/ weekly campaign updates with useful insights
  • ‘No Cure, No Pay’ options
  • Exposure on the world’s largest search engines

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