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Reach audiences on-the-go with mobile advertising.

Compared to desktop and laptop users, the number of smartphone users has grown harder than desktop and laptop users in the recent years. Also, the use of tablet devices has grown significantly. Therefore it becomes increasingly important for companies to incorporate mobile advertising in their online marketing strategies; mobile advertising should no longer be ignored by companies.

It is predicted that the internet use on mobile phones in Africa will increase 20-fold in the next five years. Researchers expect that the number of mobile subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa will exceed 635 million by the end of 2014. There are various ways to advertise on mobile devices. Naturally, Google AdWords offer the possibility to advertise on mobile devices.

Mobile advertising can contribute to various goals in your marketing plans, such as:

  • Generate traffic to an m-commerce website
  • Introducing an app or mobile game
  • Generate leads for specific purposes. E.g. asking for a quote, making an appointment etcetera.
  • Use mobile ads to attract potential customers to local shops.
  • Support offline marketing campaigns

Our approach

Advertising on mobile devices requires a different approach than when you advertise on desktop. There is less space to advertise, which forces companies to manage bids, keywords and adtexts efficiently. All marketers of Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk are Google AdWords Qualified Individuals and have ample experience in setting up, managing and optimizing mobile campaigns. Choosing for Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk means your mobile campaigns will be in safe hands.


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