Advertising through Social Media

Social Media platforms give online marketing campaigns an extra dimension. The most important benefits of social media advertising are the unique targeting options along with the ‘pay-for-performance’ model. These are the main reasons for many businesses and brands to invest a substantial amount of their marketing budget on Social Media advertising.
A contest on Facebook is fun, but accumulating ample and relevant participants is important as well. A company/page or ‘group’ on LinkedIn has its uses, but only if your target audience knows where to find your company page. Therefore advertising is essential during a social media campaign.

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Africa Online Marketing is one of the most experienced agencies when it comes to Social Media advertising. Through close communication with networks, advanced tools and up-to-date knowledge of the latest possibilities, we maximize the profitability of every campaign. We are the ‘preferred supplier’ for a great deal of partners in the commercial and (social) media industry. We are able to advertise on the following platforms:


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  • Google AdWords Certified Partner
  • Campaign management by experienced marketers
  • Monthly/ weekly campaign updates with useful insights
  • ‘No Cure, No Pay’ options
  • Exposure on the world’s largest search engines

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