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The most important aspect of advertising is all about capturing demand. Companies should show the right ad, on the right time, to the right person. This means they should reach every potential customer with their ads. Facebook is another platform and thus another opportunity in addition to Google AdWords to reach your potential customers. By using demographic and geographic data available within Facebook, you are able to target very specific audiences. The ads are shown within a social context, which makes them more potent. Currently, Facebook has more than 100 million users in Africa, which is 50% of all Africans connected to the internet. 80% of them use their mobile phone to access Facebook.

Facebook Advertising options

Facebook ads contain both text and an image. This offers more possibilities to better convey your message. Other options include retargeting campaigns and video campaigns.

Facebook advertising is best suited for:

  • Brand building/ brand awareness
  • Introducing (new) products/services
  • Direct Sales
  • Gaining customer loyalty (targeted at existing customers)
  • Generating Facebook fans for a brand
  • Promoting Facebook Apps or events

Managing FB campaigns

Advertisers, advertising agencies or media agencies usually do not have the specific knowledge and skills necessary to optimize and get the most out of Facebook campaigns. Additionally, they often do not have the appropriate Facebook Advertising tools, which could result in more expensive clicks, disapproved ads and lacking results. Consequently, wrong conclusions could be drawn from the campaign performance.

Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk frees the advertiser from all worries related to Facebook advertising, such as setting up an account, managing and optimizing campaigns, billing and reporting campaign performance. At the same time we get the most out of any Facebook campaigns.


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