YouTube Advertising

Second largest search engine

YouTube is world’s largest video site and second largest search engine. The number of daily visitors to YouTube exceed 1 billion. YouTube is therefore a very interesting platform to reach your audience.

Advertising options on YouTube

A YouTube campaign consists of showing ads or video’s to a specific audience. Targeting can be based on watched videos or search queries. Targeting can be based on demographic factors as well, including gender and age. You can determine where and when the ads or videos will be shown through Google AdWords.

Advertising on Youtube contributes to various marketing objectives:

  • Brandbuilding and subsequently increase brandawareness
  • Generate and increase traffic to your website
  • Support introduction of new products
  • Claim authority
  • Support offline campaigns

Managing YouTube campaigns

Advertisers, advertising agencies or media agencies usually do not have the specific knowledge and skills necessary to optimize and fail to get the most out of YouTube campaigns, which could result in more expensive clicks, disapproved ads and lacking results. Consequently, wrong conclusions could be drawn from the campaign performance.
Africa Business Communities Online Marketing Desk frees the advertiser from all worries related to YouTube advertising, such as setting up an account, managing and optimizing campaigns, billing and reporting campaign performance. At the same time we get the most out of any YouTube campaigns.


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